Meaning of unionized in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːniənʌɪzd/


(also British unionised)
  • (of workers or their workplace) belonging to, or having workers belonging to, a trade union.

    ‘unionized factories’
    • ‘To measure unionization, respondents were asked if they were personally a member of a union or if there were any unionized employees within their workplace.’
    • ‘One consequence of exclusive representation laws is that the more productive workers within a unionized workplace are usually made worse off by being legally prohibited from being paid higher than the general union scale.’
    • ‘It is important to note that almost all blue-collar workers in unionized workplaces are union members in the South Korean auto industry.’
    • ‘The right is renewing its efforts to pass state and federal right-to-work laws that prohibit requiring employees in a unionized workplace to pay dues to unions.’
    • ‘A third of the nation's 265,000 unionized hotel and restaurant workers have been laid off.’
    • ‘A US garment factory where workers are unionized is not likely to be a sweatshop.’
    • ‘The lesson for unions seeking to organise the unionised workplace is - ignore the supervisor at your peril.’
    • ‘Candidates for graduate issues officer were asked whether they would cross picket lines should unionised workers on campus go on strike.’
    • ‘Its 460,000 unionized factory workers and retirees still have a top-dollar medical plan, and no one gets laid off without getting most of their pay indefinitely.’
    • ‘On October 11, some 60,000 unionized grocery workers at 852 stores in southern California went on strike or were locked out of their jobs.’
    • ‘We've got some organisers who don't have such a portfolio but are responsible for organising in non-union and poorly unionised workplaces.’
    • ‘While that question does not depend, it seems to me, on whether the workplace is unionized, there is the further aspect in this case that the workplace is unionized pursuant to collective agreements with various unions including CUPE.’
    • ‘The problems are compounded in Florida, one of twenty-two ‘right to work’ states, where union dues are not compulsory in unionized workplaces.’
    • ‘It is now mandatory for all unionized workplaces to post union de-certification procedures.’
    • ‘This insight grew organically from the nature of the unionized workplace.’
    • ‘Historically they have been pretty much part of executive remuneration packages and have been more common in large public companies and in highly unionised workplaces.’
    • ‘There are signs of solidarity action in unionised workplaces.’
    • ‘The study found that supercenter wages are from $2.5 to $3.5 an hour lower than those of unionized grocery workers.’
    • ‘That's a question we will all be debating this year when contract negotiations open between unionized nurses and the government.’
    • ‘The construction workers were fully unionised, and union officers are to meet shortly with the contractors to discuss the lay-offs.’