Meaning of unipolarity in English:


Pronunciation /juːnɪpəʊˈlarɪti/


See unipolar

‘Liberal internationalists are not interested in divesting America of its hard won preeminence; indeed, they believe that maintaining unipolarity is an essential element of any foreign policy ‘grand strategy.’’
  • ‘Then there is realism, which has the clearest understanding of the new unipolarity and its uses - unilateral and preemptive if necessary.’
  • ‘One of the great skills of the statesman is the ability to present a potentially divisive reality (and unipolarity is exactly that) in ways that promote understanding and acceptance.’
  • ‘The third noticeable feature was the almost unified concern about not only the unipolarity of global power, but its viciousness, its conservatism and its overarching indifference to economic and social justice.’
  • ‘Out of nervousness about unipolarity, they might underestimate the dangers of a multipolar system in which nonliberal and nondemocratic powers would come to outweigh Europe.’