Meaning of unisex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːnɪsɛks/

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  • (especially of clothing or hairstyles) designed to be suitable for both sexes.

    ‘unisex jeans’
    • ‘After all, jeans are a relatively unisex piece of clothing, right?’
    • ‘This means a basic, unisex, T-shirt program is a volume program, where hundreds, even thousands of units are being prepared for a giveaway or as a premium to promote anything and everything under the sun.’
    • ‘They'd dressed Sam in the usual unisex white jumpsuit, showing no imagination at all.’
    • ‘If the tag doesn't differentiate genders, the skate is unisex.’
    • ‘We lived a unisex dorm; both dorms on campus were unisex.’
    • ‘One of the most obvious changes is that the new uniforms are unisex.’
    • ‘One applies to females only - the siren; one to men only - the rake; and the rest - the ideal lover, dandy, natural, charismatic, star - are unisex.’
    • ‘Yes, it was easy and unisex, but it was also wet, greasy, required a regiment of malodorous chemicals for upkeep and extensive processing, and looked just plain weird on most.’
    • ‘The film, which featured a women's football team, has opened to rave reviews in the US, where women's football is hugely popular and the game is regarded as unisex.’
    • ‘Barry, who has stoically remained a traditional barber while many other salons went unisex, said he had seen hair lengths go full circle through the years.’
    • ‘He asked a girl whose name was unisex like Casey, Jamie, Kelsey or Dakota.’
    • ‘She had to find things that were unisex, or at least looked like it.’
    • ‘Intrigued, I walked up the stairs to use the men's room and discovered that the bathrooms were unisex.’
    • ‘Left-wing movements have tended to be unisex, and asexual in their imagery.’
    • ‘After all, most of us use unisex toilets every day in our own homes.’
    • ‘In France, I believe, a kiss on each cheek is appropriate, and unisex.’
    • ‘I was bit worried that it was mainly for women, but the sales assistant convinced me it was unisex.’
    • ‘This bag category is unisex and covers home as well as office use.’
    • ‘But if women wear unisex trousers without comment, men in skirts can still raise eyebrows.’
    • ‘Although unisex vests are available in every police station in a variety of sizes, body armour is not currently personally issued to each officer.’


mass noun
  • A style in which men and women look and dress in a similar way.

    ‘the return of unisex in a big way’
    • ‘Only 16 percent of those who identify themselves as conservatives approve of unisex, while 34 percent of those who call themselves liberals are fond of the look.’