Meaning of unissued in English:



  • (especially of shares) not yet issued.

    ‘The company also intended to consolidate every 20 shares of HK $0.005 in both the issued and unissued share capital of the company into one consolidated share of HK $0.10.’
    • ‘The group would like to see the 12,000 unissued shares in United released, and although the club maintains it also wants to see wider share ownership, a spokes-man insisted the timing was not right.’
    • ‘In 1999, he changed tact and unsuccessfully bid £1m for some of the club's 12,000 unissued shares.’
    • ‘In an announcement on Thursday, Easyknit said the proposed move would involve reducing the number of shares by 20 billion authorised, but unissued, shares.’
    • ‘As between the drawer and his bank, the very same cheque is treated as unissued until the arrival of the fictitious day of drawing.’
    • ‘You or your partner might even decide to sell some of your 300 shares, rather than tapping into that unissued pool; it's up to you to decide.’
    • ‘The Company has outstanding $10.0 million on its line of credit and can draw $18 million on its authorized but unissued preferred stock commitment to meet future acquisitions.’
    • ‘PW59 further testified that some other evidence came into his possession to the effect that some youths had used blank unissued voters cards to vote.’
    • ‘In surplus lingo, ‘in arsenal wrapper,’ does not mean brand new or unissued.’



/ʌnˈɪʃ(j)uːd/ /ʌnˈɪsjuːd/