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unit trust


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  • A collective investment fund that is priced, bought, and sold in units that represent a mixture of the securities underlying the fund.

    ‘Anyone who has invested in a unit trust or a pension fund knows that his fund manager is not answerable in any meaningful sense.’
    • ‘The ability to borrow is one of the major advantages of an investment trust over a unit trust.’
    • ‘In practice, for Irish investors it probably makes most sense to take the unit trust or investment trust route.’
    • ‘If you had instead chosen to invest in a Japan unit trust, you could have lost up to 48 per cent of your money, however.’
    • ‘If you wanted to invest in a unit trust or the OEIC equivalent, would you know which one to invest in and why?’
    • ‘It has been working for some time on a plan to compensate some investors who lost money as a result of investing in its unit trust which invested in its own split capital trust portfolio.’
    • ‘There are a number of considerations that must be taken into account before one can think of investing in a unit trust.’
    • ‘An investor should first weigh the pros and cons of betting on a unit trust vs. a mutual fund.’
    • ‘Well, a unit-linked insurance policy is an investment vehicle, just as a unit trust or mutual fund is.’
    • ‘But it normally costs no more to invest in a unit trust through an ISA than to do it directly.’
    • ‘The cases raise for consideration the determination of the character of the interest conferred by the holder of a unit in a unit trust in the underlying assets of the trust.’
    • ‘Let's compare an education policy costing $1,300 per year vs term insurance plus a unit trust.’
    • ‘The only person with an interest in the unit trust is the trustee, which then becomes the beneficial owner of the land because that is the only asset of the trust.’
    • ‘Despite the shares slump, had you invested in the average unit trust 10 years ago, you would now be showing a 60 per cent profit.’
    • ‘The sole aim of an index-tracking unit trust is to mimic a stock-market index.’
    • ‘Should I invest in individual shares or a unit trust?’
    • ‘In a flat to rising market an investment trust will usually give you higher returns than an equivalent unit trust.’
    • ‘They can save cash for you inside an ISA and can also invest in shares for you, for example, an index-tracking unit trust as mentioned above.’
    • ‘In theory, an OEIC's charges should be lower than a unit trust's.’
    • ‘It might be a unit trust where a trustee has very broad discretions.’