Meaning of unit vector in English:

unit vector


  • A vector which has a magnitude of one.

    ‘We have also considered the ordering of water in the vicinity of the bilayer-water interface by calculating the time averaged projection of the water-dipole unit vector onto the interfacial normal.’
    • ‘The average orientation of a hydrocarbon chain is expressed by a unit vector n referred to as the chain director.’
    • ‘We choose here the simplest approximation, given by G = k, where k is the unit vector parallel to the direction of the spine neck and pointing away from dendrite.’
    • ‘Equation 5 can be written more compactly as Equation 6, where [J.sub.n] is the n-by - 1 unit vector and [J.sub.m] is the m-by - 1 unit vector.’
    • ‘As in these studies, we calculated correlation functions as, where P 2 is the second order Legendre polynomial and [mu] are unit vectors along the C-C bond.’