Meaning of unitholder in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːnɪthəʊldə/


mainly British
  • A person with an investment in a unit trust.

    ‘Closed end retail funds no longer accept new investors or new investments from existing unitholders.’
    • ‘Some funds distribute returns directly to unitholders, while others reinvest the distributions back into the fund, buying more units for fundholders.’
    • ‘Also, the number of unitholders has quadrupled, again indicating investors' strong appetite for low cost, tax smart and precise investment vehicles.’
    • ‘The tax will be collected by the company/fund and paid to Revenue in the case of resident policyholders / unitholders.’
    • ‘Still, he left with a 7-figure golden parachute, and only the unitholders were unhappy.’