Meaning of unitive in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːnɪtɪv/


See unite

‘There was no dichotomy between a social and a spiritual gospel to these men who held a unitive concept of truth.’
  • ‘In the 1930's, when devout convert philosopher Dietrich von Hildrebrand wrote a book extolling the unitive power of sex in marriage, it was widely regarded as dangerous and potentially heretical.’
  • ‘Ironically Pope Paul's affirmation of the unitive and procreative goals of marriage set the scene for Pope John Paul II's theology of the body which speaks so powerfully to young adults today.’
  • ‘The Church identifies a unitive and a reproductive purpose for sex - it unites two people, shows their love for one another, and it also makes babies.’
  • ‘We undertake this not in homage to convention or tradition, but in service to the principles of a unitive and harmonious existence.’