Meaning of unity ticket in English:

unity ticket


mainly Australian
  • An alliance of candidates of differing political or ideological persuasions, in order to gain electoral advantage.

    ‘he recalled the unity tickets which had strengthened unions during their time in office’
    • ‘They are on a unity ticket against reform.’
    • ‘Some of the Coalition senators formed a unity ticket with the Greens to frustrate resolution of this in the Senate.’
    • ‘In a rare unity ticket, opposition and Greens senators yesterday voted down the bill.’
    • ‘The advertisements by the Communists and the advertisements by the affiliated union advocated support for the same people. It was unquestionably a unity ticket.’
    • ‘Three months later he weighed into the contentious matter of unity tickets in trade union elections.’
    • ‘As is well known, the centre of the problem of unity tickets resides in Victoria.’