Meaning of univalve in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːnɪvalv/

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  • Having one valve or shell.

    ‘In the earliest Cambrian, one lineage developed a bivalved mineralized shell (Fordilla and its relatives), the other an endogastric univalve shell (the Helcionellids).’
    • ‘Vetustovermis bears a number of morphological features that are found in Kimberella, which has been interpreted to have a non-mineralized but stiff univalve shell.’


another term for gastropod
‘Thus, all rostroconches and some helcionellacean univalves technically become stem group bivalves.’
  • ‘Now explain how a univalve differs from a bivalve, in more ways than just the number of shells.’
  • ‘But who speaks out for the univalve and the bivalve?’
  • ‘This univalve bonds tightly to the shell and rarely moves; over time, the crab ends up with a stack of many generations of slipper shells.’