Meaning of universal suffrage in English:

universal suffrage

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mass noun
  • The right of almost all adults to vote in political elections.

    ‘In Germany the Social Democrats exploited universal suffrage in Reichstag elections to return 81 deputies in 1903.’
    • ‘The development of the right to vote - universal suffrage - was a product of colossal revolutionary struggles.’
    • ‘The Constitution of the Second Republic of Gambia provides for elections by universal suffrage for adults eighteen and older.’
    • ‘Marx wrote that the Paris Commune was elected by universal suffrage but women didn't have the vote.’
    • ‘This is tantamount to abolishing one of the most basic democratic rights - universal suffrage.’
    • ‘There has never been a time since universal suffrage when establishment politics has been so cut off.’
    • ‘Yet universal suffrage has failed to deliver the results which even Karl Marx once thought it might.’
    • ‘We have moved on since then, and we have developed wider democracy, universal suffrage, and the role of the media, which is important.’
    • ‘Battles were fought first against slavery and segregation, then for universal suffrage and political representation.’
    • ‘Craig used a forthcoming review of local government structures to procrastinate on the issue of universal suffrage in local government.’
    • ‘The last general election saw the lowest turnout since universal suffrage was introduced.’
    • ‘Marx and Engels supported the Chartists' campaign for universal suffrage and for factory legislation to reduce the working day.’
    • ‘In 1928, all women were given the vote, thus creating universal suffrage.’
    • ‘Elections were built around universal suffrage and proportional representation.’
    • ‘In this, it's like the more sophisticated political ideas behind universal suffrage.’
    • ‘The agreement provided for qualified majority rule and elections with universal suffrage.’
    • ‘According to Freedom House statistics, no countries allowed universal suffrage in 1900.’
    • ‘This erupted in Belgium in 1891, 1893 and 1902, winning universal suffrage.’
    • ‘Were comrades in the past mistaken to fight for universal suffrage; was the sum of that achievement just to sow illusions in bourgeois democracy?’
    • ‘In South Africa this year a ruling class which had always denied the vote to the great majority of the population was forced to concede universal suffrage at one blow.’