Meaning of universalistic in English:


Pronunciation /juːnɪvəːs(ə)ˈlɪstɪk/


See universalist

‘Social scientists have inquired into whether the religious and societal notions of behavior in different societies confirm or come in conflict with the secular and universalistic approach to human rights.’
  • ‘As he writes, ‘the level of knowledge and understanding of God's Word corresponds to each stage of the history of the people of God’ and Christ and his universalistic message is the key for a Christian reading of the Bible.’
  • ‘But the major Anglo-American political philosophers have mostly been either Kantians or utilitarians - the two schools of ethics that are most universalistic and promise to be able to do the most by way of argument.’
  • ‘He also posed the problem in a fundamental way: both secular rationality and traditional Christianity had been accustomed to think of themselves as universalistic, but it was very obvious that this claim to universality was contested.’
  • ‘But it's a serious joke, a challenge to the arrogance of universalistic systems everywhere.’