Meaning of univocal in English:



Philosophy Linguistics
  • (of a word or term) having only one possible meaning; unambiguous.

    ‘a univocal set of instructions’
    • ‘The univocal word brings forth a world - however subsequently modified.’
    • ‘Different though they will be, each people's theoretical construction of an event ontology would be expected to be univocal.’
    • ‘Seemingly then the first of agents, to which all agency is traced back, will be a univocal agent; and so the words used of God and creatures must be univocal.’
    • ‘It is a univocal lipogram, in which each chapter restricts itself to the use of a single vowel.’
    • ‘Although this ever-more-dominant Freudian reading of The Changeling was not univocal, the play was almost universally seen as a dark love story.’



/ˌjuːnɪˈvəʊk(ə)l/ /juːˈnɪvək(ə)l/