Meaning of Unix in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːnɪks/


mass noun Trademark ; Computing
  • An operating system analogous to DOS and Windows, supporting multiple concurrent users.

    as modifier ‘software for Unix systems’
    • ‘The company takes repeated shots at Unix operating systems but has little to show for the claims.’
    • ‘It's a tutorial aimed at helping Unix and Linux users get optimal performance out of their operating system.’
    • ‘Still, there is big money in Unix hardware and software and plenty of developers and admins to go around.’
    • ‘Some of its earliest products were thin client terminals designed for Unix users.’
    • ‘Instead, Microsoft hopes to divert those moving from Unix and considering Linux.’


1970s from uni-‘one’ + a respelling of -ics, on the pattern of an earlier less compact system called Multics.