Meaning of unjoint in English:



[with object]rare
  • Separate or dislocate the joints of.

    ‘grasp the head by the lower jaw and unjoint it at the atlas point’
    • ‘The branchial basket was braced against the body wall and unjointed, as in lampreys.’
    • ‘Surgery on his left shoulder involved unjointing it and inserting a pin, leaving him with only partial use of that arm.’
    • ‘The way it was injured made it necessary for me to unjoint the bone from my foot, too, but I did it, and there was considerable satisfaction in having performed my own surgical operation.’
    • ‘You see, they crush the larger bones, lather the head and unjoint their jaws.’
    • ‘He made a dive at the little bull, and at the same time the little bull caught him in the neck, completely unjointing it.’
    put out of joint, put out of place, displace, disjoint, disconnect, disengage