Meaning of unjustness in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdʒʌstnəs/


See unjust

‘The public and principle breaking of the law by otherwise law-abiding persons is meant to call attention to the unjustness of that law.’
  • ‘Disagree with the unjustness of the issue, then stand behind your resolutions with firm vigour and be prepared to bear the consequences without so much as raising a thought of hate towards the person you contradict.’
  • ‘It is all being inspired by a political leader who dramatises his belief in the unjustness of his prosecution by staying in a prison cell, ecumenically reading holy books and praying with pastors.’
  • ‘In this vile composition lie accusations of unjustness, vitriol, manipulation, and home wrecking.’
  • ‘But what about all those painful memories and the unjustness of his earlier years?’