Meaning of unkeen in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkiːn/


  • 1Not eager or enthusiastic.

    ‘Reg was decidedly unkeen on sharing the spotlight’
    • ‘Mr Wilson's recollection is that he was very unkeen on you signing it.’
    • ‘I'm very unkeen on those percentages, they're sort of meaningless.’
    • ‘If it hadn't been for the gravity of the situation, he'd have been pretty unkeen.’
    • ‘The White House had hoped to force through a package before the summer recess begins, but that has come undone at the hands of a Democratic majority unkeen to be rushed.’
    • ‘I wandered over slowly, unkeen to put myself between the two combatants.’
    • ‘Unkeen on doing live performance on air, Crosby was an early advocate of pre-recording shows.’
    • ‘He told the programme that Downing Street appears "unkeen" for him to have a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the issues.’
    • ‘I awoke to rain and was unkeen on going to uni, but I did.’
    • ‘I was unkeen on this name until a friend named their daughter it a couple of years ago and now it's really grown on me.’
    • ‘The tech was unkeen to help and wasn't swayed by my bribe.’
  • 2Not sharp or penetrating; blunt.

    ‘it's very dangerous to cut with an unkeen knife’
    • ‘an unkeen sense of smell’
    • ‘Unkeen senses sometimes pay off where honor is concerned.’
    • ‘In a second they were gone, gone into thick woods along a trail so narrow that an unkeen eye might never have noted it.’
    • ‘An unkeen blade will make you want to muscle through the shave and this unwanted pressure can be razing.’
    • ‘An obstetrician was able to explain my unkeen sense of vision.’
    • ‘Sarcasm was once again laced into her voice, although to unkeen ears it could have gone unrecognized.’
    blunt, blunted, not sharp, unkeen, unsharpened, dulled, edgeless, worn down