Meaning of unking in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɪŋ/


[with object] archaic
  • Remove (a monarch) from power.

    ‘Charles I was beheaded by Parliament on January 30, 1649, but he was unkinged by his own actions long before that.’
    • ‘Richard unkings himself, handing the crown to Bolingbroke; he breaks a mirror as sign of his loss of identity.’
    • ‘The king is always presumed to be present in his courts, holding out the law to his subjects; and when he shuts his courts, he unkings himself in the most essential point.’
    • ‘Not the people; because royalists say, they neither can give nor take away royal dignity, and so they cannot unking him.’
    • ‘For said Finwë, While the ban lasts upon Fëanor my son, that he may not go to Tuna, I hold myself unkinged, and will not meet my people, nor those that rule in my stead.’