Meaning of unknowingness in English:



See unknowing

‘In a similar vein of unknowingness, we also admit we're not sure what it is about either.’
  • ‘Tragic, because unknowingness is the human condition, and, in the end, there's no getting around it.’
  • ‘That territory, like Beckett's (u-topic) no-spaces, is a beyond-ness or in-between-ness, a de-territorializing move from the known to a condition of unknowingness.’
  • ‘Like a child, this unknowingness will lead to bad behavior, as the child/critic attacks the filmmaker/parent for daring to ask questions for which they will not be given easy answers.’
  • ‘They are not re-makes or covers exactly, more like new originals, archetypal versions sung with an unknowingness that defies ownership.’