Meaning of unknowledgeable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈnɒlɪdʒəb(ə)l/


(also unknowledgable)
  • Not well informed or educated.

    ‘she was extremely unknowledgeable about investments’
    • ‘services staffed by unknowledgeable people’
    • ‘Giving excuses too often undermines a person's reputation by making him seem self-absorbed, unreliable or unknowledgeable.’
    • ‘Choosing who to manage a player's money is vital; many unknowledgeable players merely leave the task to their agents.’
    • ‘Too often, it's an abuse of power against those too weak or unknowledgeable to fight back.’
    • ‘Patients once perceived doctors as experts while seeing themselves as completely unknowledgeable about both their condition and its treatment.’
    • ‘I found the salesperson to be so aggressively unknowledgeable and remarkably useless that I fled.’
    • ‘If you want to watch me being awkward and unknowledgable on international TV this evening, feel free to tune in.’
    • ‘Don't let unknowledgable commentaries detract - I was surprised to see someone who actually understands the issues.’
    • ‘The expected disaster – with customers being cut off after two drinks and unknowledgable cooks doing things like flambéing reduction – is somewhat amusing to watch.’
    • ‘Having not been there yet, I'm extremely unknowledgable about the other side of death.’