Meaning of unlabelled in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈleɪb(ə)ld/


  • Without a label; not labelled.

    ‘bottles of unlabelled white wine’
    • ‘It's an unloved and unlabelled door, tucked anonymously between the newsagents at number 31 and the boarded up shop at number 33.’
    • ‘It started when a sharp-eyed pedestrian alerted the emergency services after spotting a bag of suspicious-looking white powder in an unlabelled white bag lying in the middle of the roundabout.’
    • ‘Before then wines were sold unlabelled and stacked in bins, and served in decanters, so bin labels and decanter labels are the precursors of today's wine bottle label.’
    • ‘You use both unlabeled and labeled data to build a predictor.’
    • ‘Many of the works are unlabelled, leading the viewer to ask themselves of the intent and purpose behind the piece.’
    • ‘In one case a pensioner paid nearly £300 for a quantity of fish which was unmarked, unlabelled, and unweighed - and only got his money back because of immediate action by police.’
    • ‘Which I did not know about, as the next scale map I had was of South East England, where the M25 is six inches across, and London is a mass of unlabelled green roads.’
    • ‘After pointing this out to the company concerned they kindly sent another batch which also arrived unlabelled so we ended up with ten mystery clematis to fit into our very small garden.’
    • ‘This plant has white flowers but unfortunately I don't know the names of any of these clematis as they were part of a mail order collection that arrived unlabelled.’
    • ‘Watching an unlabelled video will never be the same.’
    • ‘It can be exciting having things in the freezer that are unlabelled, since you only have an approximate idea of what they are before you defrost them.’
    • ‘The idea of something as modern and unremarkable as an unlabelled videotape containing a terrible curse is enough to make you take up reading.’
    • ‘The unlabelled, Sony-brand cassette is black, with a clear window and is roughly the size of a cigarette packet.’
    • ‘Demand for cattle has been hampered by the flood of cheap unlabelled foreign imports and generally the price has dipped.’
    • ‘The Children's Society charity is to receive a share of the clothes, which will be sold unlabelled in its shops.’
    • ‘After many hours, and many stops, I arrived upon the unlabelled back roads that led to the venue.’
    • ‘Robin returned home to fill more bottles, which he loaded in the car unlabelled in order to get back quicker.’
    • ‘He disappeared into one of the unlabeled doorways and I sat back in a huff.’
    • ‘Over the last few months, I've converted most of the labelled tapes that contain stuff worth keeping and tonight, we went through a few boxes of unlabelled ones to see what was on them.’
    • ‘Several minutes later a dustier version of the man reappeared, a little frazzled, but wearing a proud smile as he placed a filthy, unlabelled bottle into my companion Tim's hand.’
    unnamed, unidentified, anonymous, incognito, unspecified, unacknowledged, uncredited