Meaning of unlawful assembly in English:

unlawful assembly

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historical English Law
  • A meeting of three or more people likely to cause a breach of the peace or to endanger the public.

    ‘he hoped to demonstrate that what he had been involved in was not an unlawful assembly within the definition’
    • ‘he was imprisoned for six weeks for unlawful assembly and riot’
    • ‘Actual breaches of the peace include riotous and unlawful assemblies, riots, affrays, forcible entry and detainer, etc…’
    • ‘Despite the lack of defense, the tribunal condemned the accused to death for culpable homicide, unlawful assembly and breach of the peace.’
    • ‘On July 30, 16 workers were convicted of unlawful assembly and endangering the public peace over incidents during industrial action on June 15, 2001.’
    • ‘The Divisional Court held that the Salvation Army procession could not be regarded as an unlawful assembly simply because others were trying to disrupt it in a way which might well lead to a breach of the peace.’
    • ‘To participate in a riot, it is only necessary that you are one of ‘three or more persons gathered together for a common purpose in an unlawful assembly that has begun to disturb the peace tumultuously’.’
    • ‘If activities go later, he says, the LAPD may declare an unlawful assembly and make arrests.’
    • ‘At the heart of the trial was the question: just what constituted an unlawful assembly?’
    • ‘The police announced that the protest was ‘declared an unlawful assembly,’ and told protestors to ‘Leave within 15 minutes or face arrest.’’
    • ‘Regardless of the permit arrangements, says Myers, by shooting into a crowd without first declaring an unlawful assembly and giving people time to disperse, the LAPD acted illegally.’
    • ‘The 50 persons who were charge-sheeted have been accused of murder, rape, arson, looting, criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly and attack on police.’