Meaning of unlawfulness in English:



See unlawful

‘It may, your Honour, but we would put it in terms of once you have reached that point, you are identifying unlawfulness and not merely judicial perception of abuse.’
  • ‘Only if there was no intent and no negligence as to the unlawfulness, is the accused not liable criminally.’
  • ‘It did not matter that neither party could enforce the unlawfulness by independent cause of action.’
  • ‘The only justifications put forward for the pursuit of the present proceedings were the recovery of costs and the need to establish the unlawfulness of the Respondent's procedures in general.’
  • ‘My only possible ‘crime’ was that I spoke openly and directly against unlawfulness…’



/ʌnˈlɔːfʊlnəs/ /ʌnˈlɔːf(ə)lnəs/