Meaning of unphysical in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfɪzɪkl/


  • Not in accordance with the laws or principles of physics; not corresponding to a physically possible situation.

    ‘an entirely unphysical process of waves was generated at the pond's periphery which subsequently converged to the central point’
    • ‘A secondary buffer region surrounding the primary region is used to protect the primary region from possible effects (such as unphysical heating) due to small length-scale errors in the interpolated structure.’
    • ‘As evident from the figure, it is possible to fit reflectivities with unphysical profiles.’
    • ‘But the one thing I will not stand for is this sense that online communities are somehow inauthentic because they are unphysical - or that the truncation in social ‘signal’ somehow reduces them down to a point of uselessness or redundancy.’
    • ‘As a boy, resolutely unphysical, I supposed I should exercise in order to get girls.’
    • ‘The delicacy and transparency of the material refers to the unphysical, abstracted nature of modern human existence.’