Meaning of unreported in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnrɪˈpɔːtɪd/

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  • Not reported.

    ‘many human rights abuses went unreported’
    • ‘You have people's deaths going unreported for weeks because other climbers are not wanting to stop and help.’
    • ‘Your stories and your deaths were mostly unreported in the British media.’
    • ‘As stated, this is one of the cases that is unreported and unpublished.’
    • ‘This figure does not account for unreported or undiscovered incidents.’
    • ‘Ironically, for someone who had enjoyed such celebrity, her death in 1909 went unreported in the Paris press.’
    • ‘Many of them are dying and their deaths are going unreported.’
    • ‘The high number of accidents, suicides and other non-combat deaths have gone largely unreported in the media.’
    • ‘His death passed largely unreported in Britain; the BBC does not even have a news archive report.’
    • ‘For every incident of rape reported, there are thousands that go unreported.’
    • ‘When there are no cops to report your minor theft to it goes unreported.’
    • ‘Today domestic violence makes up a quarter of all reported violent crime, although most goes unreported.’
    • ‘Indeed, many cases go unreported because the victim does not seek help or even report the incident.’
    • ‘This bleak picture goes unreported because journalists are rarely seen there.’
    • ‘Gardaí said a previously unreported sighting of Mr Moloney in Ennis on Friday night has been confirmed.’
    • ‘That is an alarming insight into the prevalence of unreported crime.’
    • ‘But PC Lees stressed that the figures were just the tip of the iceberg with many incidents going unreported.’
    • ‘And we have no idea how many incidents have gone unreported or have been covered up.’
    • ‘What he said to the workers went unreported, except in a small local paper that tracked down two of them.’
    unreported, unrecounted, unrelated, unrevealed, undisclosed, undivulged, unpublished, secret, suppressed, unnarrated, unmentioned, unstated, unspoken