Meaning of unseaworthy in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈsiːwəːði/

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  • (of a boat or ship) not in a good enough condition to sail on the sea.

    ‘Redrawing the national border for migration purposes will force desperate asylum seekers to try to sail in unseaworthy boats all the way to the mainland, evading and fleeing from warships along the way.’
    • ‘One of the overcrowded, unseaworthy boats later ran aground off the coast of Timor and three Iraqi men drowned.’
    • ‘Why have they chosen to put their lives at risk by travelling in cramped conditions aboard unseaworthy vessels?’
    • ‘It was in an attempt to catch substandard, unseaworthy ships that the European Union toughened its port inspection procedures following the Erika incident off the French coast.’
    • ‘It is hard to imagine what makes people desperate enough to leave their country to prowl the oceans in unseaworthy boats.’
    • ‘The jury later wrote to the coroner, deploring the fact that an unseaworthy ship could put to sea with a drunken captain.’
    • ‘He exposed them to great danger, sending them off in overcrowded and unseaworthy boats that experienced engine failure, or sank.’
    • ‘We have even read stories of clients of the smugglers being forced at gunpoint by Indonesian armed forces to join and stay on obviously unseaworthy boats.’
    • ‘In October 2001, over 400 asylum-seekers departed from Indonesia in an overcrowded, unseaworthy boat bound for Australia.’
    • ‘According to survivors' accounts, the boat was so unseaworthy that 21 people had earlier asked to be put back to shore and were left on a small Indonesian island.’
    • ‘Marine investigators probing the mysterious loss of a Scottish trawler with all hands 27 years ago have obtained crucial new evidence that the boat was unseaworthy.’
    • ‘Instead, in his view, they may have knowingly allowed the heavily overloaded and unseaworthy boat to leave Indonesia and sink soon afterwards.’
    • ‘The draft report suggests the 26 ft open-deck fishing boat was unseaworthy, overloaded and unstable.’
    • ‘He is launched onto the Indian Ocean in an unseaworthy boat bound for Australia.’
    • ‘Arguing that profiteering shipowners and unscrupulous insurers were collaborating in sending out unseaworthy vessels, the play led to popular outrage and a change in the law.’
    • ‘The bomber scored a direct hit on the bridge area, but it did not render the ship unseaworthy.’
    • ‘We have been accommodating to the boats that are unseaworthy for 18 months now.’
    • ‘The boats he boarded were unseaworthy and one became lost at sea for fourteen days after a ferocious storm.’
    • ‘In other words, a boat, already known to be too unseaworthy to make the distance, could simply be allowed to founder, without the government appearing to have any involvement whatsoever.’
    • ‘In fact the vendor knew that she was unseaworthy.’