Meaning of unsex in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈsɛks/


[with object]
  • Deprive of gender, sexuality, or the characteristic attributes or qualities of one or other sex.

    ‘these creatures were vaguely female but unsexed by their drab greasy overalls and trousers’
    • ‘Her delivery of the scene in which Lady Macbeth unsexes herself to conspire with Macbeth in his becoming king was anti-climatic.’
    • ‘She had the vocal range and presence that allow for a powerful delivery of the famous (and often studied to death in high school) ‘unsex me now’ soliloquy.’
    • ‘She was hugely reviled as a ‘prostitute’ and ‘unsex'd female’.’
    • ‘In his official report, Mills turned the speed at which women worked into a moral story about the dehumanizing, and unsexing, aspects of industry.’
    • ‘Irish judges and juries did not insist on conformity to a feminine ideal of domestic submissiveness; a woman who fought back was not treated as having forfeited her right to legal recourse by ‘unsexing’ herself.’
    • ‘Were women to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection.’
    • ‘Lady Macbeth uses alcohol and Satan to ‘unsex’ her and make her strong.’
    • ‘Not even the Red Queen gets much of an opportunity to ‘unsex’ herself.’
    • ‘As Pat Griffen once asked, ‘Why is it that men are unsexed by failure and women by success?’’
    sexless, asexual, neuter, unsexed