Meaning of unshakeable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈʃeɪkəb(ə)l/

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(also unshakable)
  • 1(of a belief, feeling, or opinion) strongly felt and unable to be changed.

    ‘my unshakeable faith in the goodness of mankind’
    • ‘The unshakeable loyalty and belief in this room was palpable.’
    • ‘One thing that characterizes the ‘traditional’ terrorist groups is their unshakeable belief that they have all the best arguments.’
    • ‘Succeeding at something almost always means tons of hard work and dedication, but look at the reward - an unshakable feeling of utterly ecstatic joy.’
    • ‘They told how he calmed the people and consoled them with his unshakable belief in God.’
    • ‘I'm thankful for Pope John Paul's commitment and unshakeable faith, and I pray for our Roman Catholic friends around the world as they come to terms with his death.’
    • ‘One might easily suggest an unshakeable feeling of shame.’
    • ‘There was naught but shadows in the room; even Joyce had fled, and the forlorn, unshakeable feeling of nostalgia.’
    • ‘Thinking back over all the time I spent with Lea over the last few months, I have this unshakeable feeling that she never fell out of love with me because she was never in love with me to begin with.’
    • ‘An unusual aspect of Wingate's life was his unwavering support of Zionism nurtured perhaps by his unshakable belief in the Old Testament.’
    • ‘The unshakeable belief that gloves were an important component in any well-groomed woman's wardrobe continued right up till the late 1960s.’
    • ‘But this doesn't alter McHale's unshakeable belief in the quality of the team and their chances of winning on Saturday.’
    • ‘Many Australians maintain an unshakeable belief that property prices will track in one direction only… upwards.’
    • ‘They have become almost shrouded in myth but their dedication and unshakeable mindset is no mystery when you consider their starting point on this journey.’
    • ‘There are moments of People I Know that almost play as satire on life in NY, but even those are rendered ineffective by the unshakeable feeling that they happened by accident.’
    • ‘She had an unshakeable feeling that something important was going to happen, today.’
    • ‘Songs of brave soldiers with questions and doubts and unshakeable commitment to what they see as their ultimate responsibility, the responsibility to stay until the job is done.’
    • ‘Ironically, this comes primarily as a result of his unshakeable obstinacy in taking the governing body to task earlier this season over his well-publicised fine for comments made about referee Dougie McDonald.’
    • ‘It is an irresistible compulsion, driven by unshakeable guilt and the constant need for endorsement.’
    • ‘A modest man of unshakeable principle, Neil was a tireless fighter for workers' rights for over thirty years.’
    • ‘It was a lesson he preached indefatigably, and with unshakeable self-confidence, to newspapers, Cabinet ministers, fellow anthropologists, and community groups.’
    1. 1.1Unable to be disputed or questioned.
      ‘an unshakeable alibi’
      • ‘‘His alibi was totally unshakable,’ Burnett recalled recently.’
      • ‘Thomson had an unshakable alibi - the rape had occurred when he was on TV, describing how people could improve their ability to remember faces.’
      • ‘In their thinking, there are no absolute moral laws and there is no such thing as an unshakable, immovable standard of behavior which applies to all people throughout all time.’
      • ‘Recently the changes of ocean currents have been detected, and there are some hypotheses to explain them, but we do not have any unshakable theory yet.’
      • ‘My children are not loud and demanding, but they are strong-willed, stubborn, outspoken, and increasingly able to construct a solid, unshakable argument.’
      steadfast, resolute, staunch, firm, constant, decided, determined, fixed, ingrained, unswerving, unwavering, unvacillating, unfaltering, unflinching
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