Meaning of unship in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈʃɪp/

verbverb unships, verb unshipping, verb unshipped

  • 1Nautical
    with object Remove (an oar, mast, or other object) from its fixed or regular position.

    ‘they unshipped the oars’
    • ‘He secured his weapons before unshipping his grappling hook and two of his home-made grenades.’
    • ‘He unshipped his RPG launcher and minigun.’
    • ‘To assist easy repair of such damage, exposed and vulnerable elements, such as arms and legs, were constructed in such a way that they could be removed and unshipped from the main body of the figurehead.’
    • ‘He unshipped both his assault rifle and scattergun, made sure the safeties were off, and restrained the urge to smile.’
    • ‘Andrew stowed their gear along the side of the rowboat and unshipped the oars.’
  • 2Unload (a cargo) from a ship or boat.

    ‘folks would come downriver and unship their wagons and horses here’
    • ‘"Terminal" means any terminal, jetty, pier, floating structure or other works within a harbour at which ships can obtain shelter or ship and unship goods or passengers.’
    • ‘At a still later period, the Mary of Leith obtained a safe conduct from the English king to unship her cargo.’
    unload, dump, jettison, discharge, unship, deposit, empty, empty out, tip, tip out, drop, get rid of