Meaning of unsized in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈsʌɪzd/


  • (of fabric, paper, or a wall) not treated with size.

    See size

    ‘A document handwritten with a special ink would be placed against a dampened, unsized sheet of paper and both would be squeezed in a copying press; the pressure transferred some of the document's ink onto the blank sheet.’
    • ‘Dissolve the cobalt in the water and add the sugar, saturate unsized paper in the solution, and hang up to dry.’
    • ‘This occurs more often on unsized papers, but can occur on sized papers as well, when pigment is used in excess.’
    • ‘Rice paper that has been left unsized has not been coated, so it is more absorbent.’
    • ‘No distinction can be made between unsized yarn and sized yarn, for the unsized yarn when converted into sized yarn does not lose its character as yarn.’