Meaning of unstressed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈstrɛst/

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  • 1Phonetics
    (of a syllable) not pronounced with stress.

    ‘Here's what they had to say - as you'll see, they got the wrong answer, because they perceive that they pronounce unstressed syllables differently from one another.’
    • ‘The ways in which stressed and unstressed syllables can be arranged in English verse have come to be named after the various kinds of Greek ‘foot’ they seem to resemble, when one mistranslates ‘long syllable’ as ‘stressed syllable’.’
    • ‘Compared with most native English speech patterns, Hiberno-English speech has longer and swifter rhythmic runs, with a far higher proportion of unstressed to stressed syllables.’
    • ‘The first person singular pronoun in the Creole is from the French unstressed pronoun moi ‘me’, and many people object to spelling it in Creole in such a way as to obscure its French origin.’
    • ‘As discussed in previous posts, the usual pattern in English is for the indefinite article, when unstressed and preceding a word starting with a consonant, to be pronounced as a short reduced mid-central vowel.’
  • 2Not subjected to stress.

    ‘a well-balanced, unstressed person’
    • ‘He looked totally unstressed when I dropped into Ovation in York's Goodram-gate, just near Monk Bar, the other day after being knocked out by the exotic silk and velvet numbers in the window.’
    • ‘He suggests shifting more resources to the Army & Marines from the relatively unstressed Navy & Air Force.’
    • ‘However I suppose Howard and his cohorts cannot appreciate that such problems exist, because they can always use the luxurious and unstressed private health system.’
    • ‘Finally, I visited York City Archives next to the Art Gallery where my inquiries were all answered by seemingly unstressed staff who referred to books, documents and files.’
    • ‘This may sound like a bad thing, but it meant a wonderful experience of small class sizes, personal attention, unstressed teachers and room to discover yourself.’
    • ‘The patient is asked to wear it as much as possible over the next few weeks - except when eating - giving the jaws time to relax back into a natural, unstressed position.’
    • ‘Two bikers powered into the town 13 minutes after the start and said they had a good journey into Leeds, arriving refreshed, unstressed and ready for work.’
    • ‘In addition, Annette and Victoria, agree that a healthy, focused and unstressed mind is fundamental to the success of any company.’
    • ‘It's not a form of manipulation, she says, but a way of allowing the vertebrae to relax into a natural, unstressed position.’
    • ‘We got in to Middlesbrough relaxed, unstressed, in sunshine and good health.’
    • ‘This makes me very happy and unstressed, and she seems to be enjoying it as well.’
    • ‘Investigators in East Africa have determined that in normal unstressed, unpoached populations of elephants, allomothering - care given by female relatives other than the mother - greatly enhances the survival of a calf.’
    • ‘Overall, the results suggest that genotypes with the greatest capacity for nodulation perform best under both unstressed and stressed conditions.’
    • ‘The latter function, however, presents a singularity for low values of the parameter, precluding a direct comparison of stressed and unstressed samples.’
    • ‘The shifts in fine and coarse metabolic control that lead to enhancement of CAM occur in response to signal transduction events that are associated with a general transition from a relatively unstressed to a stressed growth environment.’
    • ‘For example, at day 21 unstressed leaves had a MDA production 1.4 times higher than at day 8, while leaves exposed to 150 mM produced five times more MDA than unstressed leaves.’
    • ‘Five research assistants, blinded to the type of glove material, tested stressed and unstressed gloves for barrier effectiveness.’
    • ‘Personally as a fisheries biologist I think fish can be stressed or unstressed but I don't think they have ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’, unless they are migratory species denied the chance of migrate.’
    • ‘For each of the mutant lines and ‘Guardian’, three plants were stressed and three acted as unstressed controls.’
    • ‘For example, bronchial epithelial cells exposed to a compressive stress in vitro elicit a profibrotic response in unstressed fibroblasts.’