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  • 1Not being, or never having been, used.

    ‘any unused equipment will be welcomed back’
    • ‘The £250,000 project will recondition unused side loading equipment at the port.’
    • ‘They are urging people with unused tools and woodwork equipment sitting idle in garages and around the house to donate them.’
    • ‘It is maiden also when it is still in its original, unused, untouched or unexplored condition.’
    • ‘The rooms remain unpainted and unused but provide a clean palette for prospective buyers.’
    • ‘He made an appeal for unused computer equipment so that he could repair and donate it to needy schools.’
    • ‘When schools remain unused for six weeks, that's a waste of precious resources.’
    • ‘He had very little money on him, his cash card remains unused and his mobile phone rang unanswered until the battery ran out.’
    • ‘I was interested to read this article which states the Falcon Park hut site remains dangerous and unused.’
    • ‘Tesco bought the site several years ago but failed to secure permission for a store and it is has remained largely unused.’
    • ‘We cannot support all the shops we have already, so a few more very expensive units can only remain empty and unused.’
    • ‘How much better to see a redundant farm building re-developed for a new purpose than to let it remain unused.’
    • ‘For some time now the tables have remained unused and the room became dilapidated.’
    • ‘The rackets and rods remained unused but we gave the excellent wine list some serious investigation.’
    • ‘The first floor will house the toilets and other rooms will remain unused.’
    • ‘The group is also inviting donations of spare or unused mobile phones so it can give them to local families in need.’
    • ‘We pity him, but with a touch of awe, because we sense the power that remains unused.’
    • ‘Other items of wasteful consumption include unused gym subscriptions and sports equipment.’
    • ‘Even after the Fund had distributed large amounts of equipment, much of it was going unused.’
    • ‘One bin contained a signed blank cheque, while another contained an unused cheque book.’
    • ‘In addition we have taken the opportunity to remove an unused reservoir on the site and to tidy undergrowth within the site boundary.’
    unutilized, not made use of, unemployed, unexploited, not in service, non-functioning
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  • 2unused toNot familiar with or accustomed to.

    ‘unused to spicy food, she took a long mouthful of water’
    • ‘It came as no surprise that she was unused to being around so many strangers at once.’
    • ‘It was a challenge not only to get it into the form (meter and rhyme), but I was unused to writing about such concrete subject matter.’
    unaccustomed, not used, new, fresh, a stranger
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