Meaning of up sticks in English:

up sticks


informal British
  • Go to live elsewhere.

    • ‘you could just up sticks and head for Hollywood’
    • ‘We've all wanted to do it - up sticks and live in the sun.’
    • ‘No, the only answer is to up sticks and go elsewhere.’
    • ‘In between, of course, is the story of these truly remarkable artists and how they spurned dancefloor smash after dancefloor smash, year upon year, until the record company bosses upped sticks and fled to L.A., in 1972.’
    • ‘That is not only because people are contemplating upping sticks.’
    • ‘I think upping sticks and changing directions can be very invigorating.’
    • ‘I'm unlikely to up sticks and go to a developing country.’
    • ‘When you up sticks and move at such a young age it makes you quite self conscious of your surroundings and makes you question your environment.’
    • ‘I'm certainly not advocating for anybody else to up sticks and go.’
    • ‘But should we worry that Scottish companies might simply up sticks and move to a bigger market in England?’
    • ‘Alternatively, George may simply up sticks and move on, actually volunteering to leave the house.’


    From nautical slang to up sticks ‘set up a boat's mast’ (ready for departure).