Meaning of up the wazoo in English:

up the wazoo


(also out the wazoo)
informal US
  • In great quantities or to a great extent.

    • ‘he's insured out the wazoo’
    • ‘Jack and I have got work up the wazoo already’
    • ‘I self-published and yes, I got reviewed up the wazoo.’
    • ‘When a candidate says he wants to cut taxes, you can interpret that to mean that he wants to hike tax rates up the wazoo.’
    • ‘I have a whole bunch of photos from the trip and stories up the wazoo that I hope to post in a day or two.’
    • ‘‘I've worked at companies that had capital up the wazoo, but you couldn't get any money for maintenance because the financial strategy of the company was to reduce expenses,’ McCune says.’
    • ‘Even Mr. McDonald doesn't suggest that it's reasonable to tax smokers up the wazoo and legislate against their constitutional right to assemble peacefully.’
    • ‘Fine her up the wazoo and put her on house arrest.’
    • ‘They've got historical significance out the wazoo!’
    • ‘You're right, those two have issues out the wazoo, and Lana is off to find out why.’
    • ‘You know, you'd think a genuine people-person like me would have friends coming out the wazoo.’