Meaning of up there Cazaly! in English:

up there Cazaly!


informal Australian
  • A cry of encouragement or approval, especially in Australian Rules.

    • ‘the footy will be on soon and the familiar cries of ‘up there Cazaly’ will ring out’
    • ‘AFL fans loved seeing a specky so much that they would shout, "Up There Cazaly" at his games.’
    • ‘When charging from their trenches, Diggers would yell, “Up their Cazaly!”’
    • ‘As kids we always yelled, 'Up There Cazaly' when going for a speccy.’
    • ‘You could hear it yelled, right in the middle of the battle thunder, 'Up there, Cazaly!’
    • ‘We all joked and shouted 'Up there Cazaly!' at him.’


    1930s from Roy Cazaly(1893–1963), an Australian Rules footballer whose high leaping made him a crowd favourite.