Meaning of up to no good in English:

up to no good

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  • Doing something wrong.

    ‘Of course now that I am the parent, it would be wrong to assume that the teens I know are up to no good, so I work hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.’
    • ‘Although, one of my ex-creditors had reported me as still living at an address I left eight years ago, which could be problematic if a subsequent resident got up to no good.’
    • ‘Even after the trial, he may have been followed by British intelligence agents, who may have felt he continued to be up to no good.’
    • ‘Whether it's a scandal in the Royal Family or a lord who's been up to no good, we seem to have an unquenchable thirst for the passionate exploits of the nobility.’
    • ‘They think I'm in a gang, I'm a bad boy or someone who's up to no good.’
    • ‘This doesn't mean that all truants are up to no good: some are avoiding school to avoid confronting more deep-seated problems.’
    • ‘Children will always be children, but it is asked that parents be aware what their children are up to at night and to be aware if they are up to no good.’
    • ‘Well, it's nearly the weekend now, and I've got three packed days of working in the pub and probably getting up to no good.’
    • ‘She had not long been in the hairdressers when another shopkeeper came in to alert them that he thought the youths were up to no good.’
    • ‘The area is covered by a Dispersal Order, which enables officers to move gangs on they suspect are up to no good.’