Meaning of up to one's armpits in English:

up to one's armpits


mainly US
  • Deeply involved in a particular unpleasant situation or enterprise.

    ‘the country is up to its armpits in drug trafficking’
    • ‘‘We were up to our armpits in that red stuff,’ Sarver recalled recently.’
    • ‘The poor techies up in Glasgow are up to their armpits in snow, many of them unable to get into work, and I felt it would be callous of me to sit gazing out on my sunny landscape while complaining into the phone.’
    • ‘Every Monday since our sophomore year (Mac's freshman year), we would go to the mall to spend, eat, or walk away our troubles, but since our teachers had so kindly been piling us with homework up to our armpits, we'd been missing a few days.’
    • ‘And then Thomas and I would both be up to our armpits in grease for the next few months.’
    • ‘I'm up to my armpits in constituency work, but 30,000 hits from the public on the parliament's website over chronic pain haunts me.’
    • ‘In other ‘why me’ news: This week I've mostly up to my armpits in errant IP addresses.’
    • ‘Gordon Hayes, co-owner of a Fort McMurray-based computer business was up to his armpits in disabled systems riddled with the LovSan or Blaster virus.’
    • ‘While its usually true that were up to our armpits in new music, there are only a few labels that really make us fight over a new package of material.’
    • ‘Karen wore the shortest and hottest, hot pants of the evening, while Pat Dixon was overheard muttering that in the swinging '70s she was up to her armpits in children.’