Meaning of up to snuff in English:

up to snuff

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  • 1 informal Up to the required standard.

    • ‘they need a million dollars to get their facilities up to snuff’
    • ‘Our columnists are required to be up to snuff on everything and muster up opinions on a wide range of topics.’
    • ‘More attention to detail - making sure his physique was evenly balanced and that weak points were brought up to snuff - was required.’
    • ‘There are the occasional stories that on second/third/fourth look didn't hold up and I've very occasionally bought a story that I didn't think was up to snuff that I was pressured to buy for one reason or another.’
    • ‘Okay, so you're not up to snuff on the humble geoduck.’
    • ‘Women's non-revenue producing programs tend to be saved as the number of women athletes competing brings the school involved up to snuff in the eyes of the law.’
    • ‘Besides, the competition in the AFC East isn't up to snuff.’
    • ‘Okay, so maybe my time skills aren't all up to snuff.’
    • ‘He predicts it will have its intended effect simply because teams will be put at a competitive disadvantage if they aren't up to snuff.’
    • ‘Coverage has been adequate, but the return game isn't up to snuff.’
    • ‘So what we need to do is make sure that our health care system is up to snuff, so that if we do have that situation or any other kind of major infectious problem, we'll be able to handle it.’
    adequate, competent, acceptable, satisfactory, reasonable, fair, decent, good enough, sufficiently good, not bad, all right, average, tolerable, passable, moderate, middling
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    1. 1.1In good health.
      • ‘he hadn't felt up to snuff all summer’
  • 2 informal, archaic Not easily deceived; knowing.

    • ‘an up-to-snuff old vagabond’