Meaning of upperclassman in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌpəˈklɑːsmən/

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nounplural noun upperclassmen

  • A junior or senior in high school or college.

    ‘The prom, I'd found out a few weeks ago, was a dance for upperclassmen at her high school.’
    • ‘It began during my freshman year in college when an upperclassman during orientation told our group we had to learn how to juggle.’
    • ‘It reminds everyone of the rigid service academy structure, inherited from British boys' schools like Eton, in which upperclassmen dominate their juniors.’
    • ‘Leave the college anxiety to the upperclassmen - you'll have plenty of time to deal with that later.’
    • ‘And if our freshmen feel they can talk to faculty and to upperclassmen, they're going to stay.’
    • ‘By the 2003-04 academic year, upperclassmen enrollment is projected to reach 46.’
    • ‘Although academy upperclassmen and military training instructors are available to help the trainees, it is a group of chaplains that offers them a quiet retreat from the rigors of training.’
    • ‘Kurono returns to classes at his high school; a gang of upperclassmen punks is constantly threatening one of his friends.’
    • ‘‘It's an all day opportunity to bond with other students, including upperclassmen, and that helps a little bit,’ Jackson says.’
    • ‘We indicated that underclassmen rated that teacher higher than upperclassmen.’
    • ‘The college administration would like to keep upperclassmen on campus to be a part of student life instead of moving into apartments.’
    • ‘The relationship between upperclassmen and younger students changed.’
    • ‘I understand most of them were upperclassmen,’ Jefferson County schools spokeswoman Marilyn Saltzman said.’
    • ‘The influence of a student's maturity level, chosen in the studies to be represented by class standing, has also been shown to influence economic learning, with upperclassmen outperforming freshmen.’
    • ‘The newer dorms usually reserved for the upperclassmen are sprinkled with sophomores pushed out of their traditional housing by the wave of first-years.’
    • ‘Everyone from the oldest upperclassmen and lowly freshman delighted in the prospects of two days without school.’
    • ‘Doesn't happen very often, they usually let sophomores and upperclassmen have the suites.’
    • ‘The first lesson I learned as a plebe came from an upperclassman yelling in my face.’
    • ‘‘Everybody wanted to reward the upperclassmen, but in the ever-changing world of college basketball, you've got to reward the young guys who earn it,’ Weaver says.’
    • ‘However, it would be an excellent text for upperclassmen, as well as beginning graduate students.’