Meaning of uprooter in English:



See uproot

‘The proper thing would be to place the tree uprooters on trial, and to require them, rather than the state, to pay compensation to the injured parties.’
  • ‘Extraction of the tree stump is achieved with this known uprooter by manual rotation of the screw threaded spindle which requires great expenditure of force.’
  • ‘Should Tower Hamlets Councillors be allowed to act as the social uprooters of the people that make up the borough's ordinary population today?’
  • ‘Buddha probably did not see himself as the founder of a new religion but a reformer only did not claim to be an uprooter of the existing social order or economic system; he accepted their basic premises and only attacked the evils that had grown under them.’
  • ‘He was looked upon as an advocate of lawlessness, as the uprooter of the foundations of society; and his wife - that remarkable woman, Mary Wollstonecroft - holding, among other peculiar views, that marriage was a pernicious institution, was considered as an emblem of all that was unwomanly.’