Meaning of upshift in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌpʃɪft/

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  • 1no object Change to a higher gear in a motor vehicle.

    ‘I caught a flash of the driver hand as he upshifted’
    • ‘Accelerating out of each curve, upshifting toward the next, the Saab's perfectly precise steering, athletically taut suspension and linear, progressive brakes add to enjoyment of the road.’
    • ‘She hit the first small straight and accelerated hard, upshifting, then braking to send her car sailing through a set of hairpin turns.’
    • ‘Kim spun her car around quickly and punched the gas, accelerating hard as she upshifted, turning the wheel onto Mountaindale Road, watching as Belial shifted uncomfortably in the racing seat.’
  • 2with object Increase.

    • ‘stricter driving laws that upshifted the penalties for drunk-driving’


  • 1A change to a higher gear.

    ‘the upshifts are mostly smooth’
    • ‘You'll notice its stiffness most under radical upshifts (more than three gears at time).’
    • ‘It's much easier to start in 1st gear and upshift through the gears as the bike accelerates.’
    • ‘It changes down beautifully, but upshifts are either slow or jerky or full of clutch-slip.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, though, the sequential changes are tad sloppy on the upshift and slightly jerky on the downshift.’
    • ‘There is also an automatic mode and a low grip mode, which allows the car to start in second gear with all further upshifts taking place at a lower engine speed.’
    • ‘The powershift transmission also offers upshift and automatic four-wheel-drive braking when in two-wheel drive.’
  • 2An increase in something.

    ‘a temperature upshift’
    • ‘But the upshift in productivity has created a new jobs cycle and changed - maybe forever - how employment enters the economic equation.’
    • ‘Adding in the 1% growth rate of the labor force, this upshift means the economy is now capable of sustaining growth in the area of 3.5% over the long haul without lifting inflation.’