Meaning of upslope in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌpsləʊp/


  • An upward slope.

    ‘You will get a better look at the individual riders as well, as they obviously move slower on the upslopes.’
    • ‘Swing at the angle of the upslope by angling your upper body backward and keeping your left arm bent.’
    • ‘His second shot pitches into the upslope in front of the green and stops quickly, leaving him just short.’
    • ‘Indeed, my friend Susan lives on an upslope that has never, ever come close to being flooded.’
    • ‘My ball was lying on a little upslope on the last hole and in some fluffy grass.’
    • ‘The 12,000-foot runway had a significant upslope for the first 3,000 feet, then fell off into a downward slope.’
    • ‘Gravity finally took its course and the train stopped on an upslope in the Cikini area of Central Jakarta, early on Friday.’
    • ‘Instead, learn to sweep the ball off the tee by practicing the correct setup position on an upslope.’
    • ‘You can get this sensation by hitting drives with the ball teed on an upslope so it's above your feet.’
    gradient, incline, angle, slant, inclination, pitch, decline, ascent, declivity, acclivity, rise, fall, downward, upward, downslope, upslope, ramp, rake, tilt, tip, dip, camber, cant, bevel


  • At or towards a higher point on a slope.

    ‘the big man started to run upslope’
    • ‘Hill fog or upslope fog, as its name implies, is formed as mild moist air is forced to ascend a hill or mountain range.’
    • ‘The drier the environment at the mountain base, the farther upslope this rainfall peak occurs.’
    • ‘In response, hunters took the next logical step, and fenced in some of the upslope feeding sites.’
    • ‘It's a swell of snow hanging perhaps 48 degrees at its steepest point; I ride it like a wave, letting my skis accelerate down its face before arcing a bottom turn and heading back upslope.’
    • ‘Both temples were sawn into blocks, dismantled, moved upslope, and re-erected in their present positions in 1968 as part of the Nubian Rescue Campaign to save important archaeological sites from the rising waters of Lake Nasser.’
    • ‘Worldwide mountain climate data sets show that rainfall tends to decrease upslope in many tropical mountains, while it increases with elevation in most middle-latitude mountains.’
    • ‘You see the same sort of graduated springtime in the mountains, where alpine plants germinate as the snow melts upslope.’
    • ‘They scurried upslope in a line when I was still 100m away.’
    • ‘I clawed my way back upslope again, battling the vines nearly every step of the way.’
    • ‘Heading back south, more of the engine and stern part of the wreck lies upslope from the sand.’
    • ‘Puffins, notable for their high wing-loading, may have also had more difficulty maneuvering during foul weather when the wind tended to blow upslope.’
    • ‘Also, some heat-loving plants and animals have taken advantage of a warmer climate to expand their ranges toward the north and south poles or upslope toward higher elevations.’
    • ‘Unless agricultural production is increased on the good lands, population pressures will cause farmers to move upslope and deforest the hillsides.’
    • ‘It seemed they had been quarried upslope and dragged down to the level ground within the hollow.’


  • Situated or occurring at or towards a higher point on a slope.

    • ‘a few resorts report several inches of new snow in the favourable upslope locations’