Meaning of upstairs in English:


(also upstair)

Pronunciation /ʌpˈstɛːz/ /ˈʌpstɛːz/

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  • On or to an upper floor of a building.

    ‘I tiptoed upstairs’
    • ‘There is tongue and groove flooring in all rooms upstairs.’
    • ‘Having outgrown those premises, the business is about to take over 2,500 sq ft upstairs in the same building.’
    • ‘The most intriguing part of the film is the hierarchy of a household where the upper classes live upstairs and the servants downstairs.’
    • ‘We also want to put in wooden floors upstairs to replace the carpets, and redecorate the hall, and both of the big bedrooms.’
    • ‘All the ceiling was virtually burned away and the flames went through to a mezzanine floor upstairs.’
    • ‘The toilets were good, with the ladies on the ground floor and the gents upstairs.’
    • ‘There are two bedrooms on the ground floor and two upstairs but there is also an unusual room which could be changed into a nursery if an extra room was needed.’
    • ‘Over the next few months we'll be painting the guest bedroom, and laying new wooden floors upstairs.’
    • ‘Standard features include wooden floors upstairs, coved ceilings, walled gardens to front and rear and gas-fired central heating.’
    • ‘The day after this, I went upstairs to the fifth floor at ten past nine and waited for the striking-looking girl with braided auburn hair.’
    • ‘Going upstairs to the third floor, there's some artwork from Morocco and a little outdoor deck.’
    • ‘A narrow, flimsy staircase led through a hole in the ceiling to another floor upstairs.’
    • ‘The master bedroom is on the first floor landing while upstairs there are three more bedrooms and two bathrooms.’
    • ‘They followed Kevin upstairs to the second floor landing.’
    • ‘After a brief sweep of the main floor, Ally went upstairs.’
    • ‘She wasn't on the first floor so I went upstairs to Josie's room.’
    • ‘Not caring whether her mother was sleeping or not, Samara marched upstairs to the third floor of the house and to the master bedroom.’
    • ‘They walked upstairs to the second floor to a room that was labeled 217.’
    • ‘By late August, a large office was located upstairs on the fifth floor.’
    • ‘Ruth deposited her wet mackintosh on the floor and went upstairs, shivering every now and then.’


  • attributive Situated on an upper floor.

    ‘an upstairs bedroom’
    • ‘It had an upstair floor with tables and you could see part of the dance floor and the bar from there.’
    • ‘He and a colleague had broken into the house and found a body on the floor of an upstairs bedroom.’
    • ‘An electrical fault was believed to have triggered the fire, which raged through an upstairs bedroom, causing the floor to collapse into the front room.’
    • ‘There are three bedrooms off the upstairs landing, which has extensive floored eaves storage and a built-in wardrobe.’
    • ‘Six people were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation after the fire which started in the upstairs bedroom and spread to the landing, causing extensive damage.’
    • ‘One raider who forced his way in through the front door of a nearby house was founding hiding in an upstairs bedroom during a follow-up search of the area by detectives.’
    • ‘The incident happened last Tuesday when sun on a glass ball ornament acted as a magnifying glass, causing the curtains of an upstairs bedroom to catch fire.’
    • ‘The kids were in an upstairs bedroom in bunk beds.’
    • ‘Each upstairs bedroom has a full en suite bathroom, with another half bathroom on the main level and another full bathroom on the lower level.’
    • ‘Fire officers are baffled as to the cause of the blaze, but believe the fire may have started either in the sitting room or an upstairs bedroom.’
    • ‘Mrs Davies went to Mr Hamer's former home and found room after room, including the upstairs bedrooms, crammed with the minerals.’
    • ‘Later, from his upstairs bedroom, he saw the crashed aircraft.’
    • ‘In one incident a pensioner was asleep in her living room when the burglar crept into the house taking cash and jewellery from an upstairs bedroom.’
    • ‘Our house was cosy, with three bedrooms and an upstairs bathroom.’
    • ‘A generous sun room leads off this, as does the teak staircase, leading to two upstairs bedrooms.’
    • ‘The 47-year-old woman was trapped as she tried to flee from an upstairs bedroom.’
    • ‘Firefighters rescued the baby from her cot in an upstairs bedroom.’
    • ‘Before they arrived, three male neighbours found a ladder and helped two girls and a boy escape from the upstairs bedroom.’
    • ‘I faced a pensive day in the upstairs bedroom Jan had loaned me for my first days on the farm.’
    • ‘The man, in his 30s, was asleep in an upstairs bedroom early today when a fire broke out in the kitchen below him.’


  • An upper floor.

    ‘she was cleaning the upstairs’
    • ‘Polished wooden floors cover the upstairs of the house.’
    • ‘The two-storeyed common area has an office room, a hall, dining rooms and a large kitchen and a work area on the ground floor and guest rooms and a hall on the upstairs.’
    • ‘The ground floor includes a bar and lounge, and the upstairs could be converted into a restaurant or function room, subject to planning permission.’
    • ‘The victim went with the man to look at the water under the sink and he believes it was at this point a second suspect entered the open front door and searched the upstairs of the house, finding the money in a spare bedroom.’
    • ‘On that occasion Jason, then four, smelt the smoke and the family escaped but the upstairs of the house was badly damaged and Miss Russell remembered the advice firemen gave her then.’
    • ‘But then again, he never sat for 45 minutes on the upstairs of a London bus packed with passengers, slowly snailing up the Walworth Road.’
    • ‘The flames spread through the ceiling and completely destroyed the upstairs including various items of property from clothes and furniture to mobile phones.’
    • ‘The parents had thrown the child to the passer-by, who caught it as they struggled to escape from the thick smoke which had engulfed the upstairs of their Cook Street home.’
    • ‘As a side note, I love the upstairs of most coffee places.’
    • ‘An overheated tumble dryer is thought to have caused the blaze, which spread from the kitchen to the upstairs of the rented house, at about 2am.’
    • ‘The kitchen suffered nearly 70 per cent fire damage and the rest of the ground floor and part of upstairs were also affected.’
    • ‘We have spent quite a lot of time and money on decorating the ground floor and the upstairs was in pretty good condition.’
    • ‘Chip was standing at the foot of the stairs, as the upstairs emptied quickly.’


    the man upstairs
    • A humorous name for God.

      ‘I pray they get some sort of help from the man upstairs’
      • ‘I bowed my head and thanked Him upstairs for my family’
      • ‘I'd be interested to hear what the man upstairs would really have to say about the latest release from this rock ‘n roll gang of hooligans.’
      • ‘While I respect Mr Wyatt's faith, which has no doubt given him both strength and succour through this ordeal, I can't help wondering quite what the man upstairs might have been up to in wishing to prolong Charlotte's pain and suffering.’
      • ‘I suddenly thanked the man upstairs for creating them, among other things.’
      • ‘The poor family are inconsolable and I pray they get some sort of help from the man upstairs, presuming there is one.’
      • ‘I've always had a great deal of faith in the man upstairs.’
      • ‘The most intriguing aspect of all though, is the relationship between this character and the man upstairs.’
      • ‘A committed Christian, he said he believed in miracles: ‘If the man upstairs says this person should live, then this person should live.’’
      • ‘Apparently the man upstairs had different plans for Lily though, because Susan called just after ten.’
      • ‘The way I look at it, the man upstairs is keeping me around for something.’
      • ‘I asked her what she personally got out of fundraising, and she replied, ‘I just like to do my bit, that's all, and keep the man upstairs happy.’’