Meaning of upstate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌpsteɪt/

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  • Situated or occurring in the northern part of a state, especially the northern part of New York State as contrasted with New York City.

    ‘upstate New York’
    • ‘the upstate reaches of the Hudson River’
    • ‘It doesn't matter so much in New York City, but upstate it's a problem.’
    • ‘The city's intransigence has hardened already hard upstate opposition.’
    • ‘The network spans southern upstate New York, Long Island, northern New Jersey and Connecticut.’
    • ‘When I retire in a few years, I think that I will move to Wyoming, Montana or even to upstate Idaho.’
    • ‘Kingdom Hospital, located in upstate Maine, has a rather redolent past.’
    • ‘Here he was, on Christmas Eve with Eva's family in a large mansion in upstate Massachusetts.’
    • ‘She agrees and, along with her husband, travels upstate to the secluded, wooded oasis.’
    • ‘Eventually he began taking them on trips to the Jersey shore and to an orphanage upstate.’
    • ‘His mom was standing over the sink, probably washing dishes, and was talking about something that had to do with a college upstate.’
    • ‘On the way upstate to his honoring ceremony, Harry drops in to visit his sister, and they immediately begin arguing.’
    • ‘I'm heading inland, upstate, out of town and off the radar.’
    • ‘In the coming months, Alex's job will very likely relocate upstate, a four-hour drive from here.’
    • ‘He had gotten into one law school upstate, and was waiting to hear from the west coast.’
    • ‘Someday, they want to move upstate, buy a house, maybe even have kids.’
    • ‘Because most prisons are built upstate, many families have difficulty making the long trips.’
    • ‘Apparently there was a problem with the lease on his late parents' house and he had to head upstate for the weekend.’
    • ‘You see, I'm moving from upstate to somewhere down in the southern half for next year.’
    • ‘I am upstate and the lack of light pollution makes the eclipse a sight to behold.’
    • ‘At six years old, I was adopted by a childless immigrant couple living in upstate New York, a Irish stone mason-carpenter and his wife.’
    • ‘How did I go through adolescence in upstate New York and miss this?’


  • In or to the northern part of a state, especially the northern part of New York State as contrasted with New York City.

    ‘the river originates upstate’
    • ‘Jerry and Naomi are supposed to join George and Susan for a weekend upstate’


mass nounUS
  • The northern part of a state.

    ‘visiting farmers from upstate’
    • ‘If you actually look at the area of South Carolina where she is doing a little bit better than him, it's up in the upstate.’
    • ‘I want to congratulate him on winning 70 percent of the vote here in the upstate of South Carolina.’
    • ‘I had no idea where we were at the time, but we were definitely in the upstate.’
    • ‘It's a beach party a bunch of kids from upstate are having.’
    • ‘She'd had two children and was apparently very prosperous, having married an orthodontist from upstate.’
    • ‘And then there were the brothers from upstate someplace.’
    • ‘But almost immediately thereafter we stashed our luggage here in the city and moved to the mountains in upstate.’