Meaning of uptempo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌptɛmpəʊ/

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  • Played with a fast or increased tempo.

    • ‘uptempo guitar work’


  • With a fast or increased tempo.

    ‘when they move uptempo the problems start’
    • ‘‘Poetas’ starts with a brooding arrangement for piano and cello, before the guitars come back and lift the track into uptempo jauntiness.’
    • ‘How satisfying is it to see the Nuggets once again playing the uptempo style they were known for in the '80s?’
    • ‘They attempted to sequence of the slower, darker songs interrupted by the faster, more uptempo ones to makes up for this.’
    • ‘And just when you're in danger of becoming so relaxed you might drop off altogether the mood just goes uptempo enough to keep your attention.’
    • ‘The colours are bright, the music uptempo and the lyrics consistently engaging here.’
    • ‘A delightful scene has them alone in the gym, dancing pas a deux to an uptempo rock tune and obviously having the time of their lives.’
    • ‘An uptempo song was playing, something from the eighties, Valerie thought.’
    • ‘They play four highly charged uptempo numbers before trooping off with furious demands for an encore.’
    • ‘Hence, the album is being billed as an uptempo CD which is meant to be played loud, if possible at club-volume, so you can get your feet on the floor and shake your booty.’
    • ‘I think he played a more rockish and uptempo set to fit in better with Los Straitjackets.’
    • ‘Alternating from soft and smooth, lounge-type music to more uptempo and angst filled boppy songs this album is filled with quirky little numbers and surprising twists.’
    • ‘‘Green Shirt’ was next, then two other relatively uptempo songs.’
    • ‘They're very happy with the quality of the songs: ‘They sound even better than the first album, and we've included a couple of uptempo numbers this time,’ says Filan.’
    • ‘But then another of The Strokes' strengths is their ability to fuse desperate lyrics with uptempo music, barely allowing you the time to draw breath, or really contemplate the meaning.’
    • ‘To praise the uptempo songs and deplore the more balladic numbers would be to fall into the critical trap that admirers of the band have been stuck in for 20 years.’