Meaning of upthrust in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌpθrʌst/

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  • 1Physics
    The upward force that a liquid or gas exerts on a body floating in it.

    • ‘The fish in the bucket is upthrusted by the water.’
    1. 1.1Geology
      another term for uplift
      ‘In addition, the rocks here are a mix of volcanic upthrusts and soft red sandstone.’
      • ‘This feature was once described as ‘the finest ‘small’ mountain feature in the British Isles ’, and is in reality an east-west ridge of volcanic rock which appears as a narrow upthrust of columnar pitchstone when seen from the south or east.’
      • ‘Many boats from San Carlos make a beeline to the rugged upthrust of San Pedro Nolasco Island, where the phenomenon brings sierra, dorado, and snapper to the surface.’
    2. 1.2An upward thrust.
      • ‘the upthrust of Manhattan skyscrapers’


  • Thrust or pointed upwards.

    ‘the powerful, upthrust shape of the monument symbolizes the rebirth of the city’
    • ‘Much of the island is an ancient limestone seabed that has been upthrusted by tectonic forces.’
    • ‘But since then, the violent upthrusting of the Andean chain has carried the sediments to the tops of mountains.’
    • ‘The hills were formed by some upthrusting of the earth's crust which changed the landscape dramatically after the weight of the ice was melted away.’
    • ‘The Grenadiers consist of upthrusted blocks of Precambrian Quartzite and slate.’
    • ‘Over several million years these large blocks of land were upthrusted, dissected by erosion, and then inundated by the sea; during this period, sedimentary layers formed of varying thicknesses.’
    • ‘The tented arch pattern consists of at least one upthrusting ridge, which tends to bisect superior ridges at right angles, more or less.’
    • ‘An upthrusted rock is carved as an altar.’
    • ‘Another theory takes a geological approach and points out that these peaks are made of younger, upthrusted lava, and thus look different and ‘crazy’ compared to the surrounding rock.’
    • ‘The most common type of reef historically, found in the Chesapeake is a upthrusting reef, which protrudes upward from the bottom.’
    • ‘The constant eruptions of Io's many volcanoes should prevent the formation of mountains formed by upthrusting rock, yet here it stands.’
    • ‘The area of interest is located on an upthrusted block.’
    • ‘The image is freshened by a sky blue ground framing the darker silhouette and accenting the yellow-gold braid of the uniform and Roulin's upthrust bearded face.’
    • ‘It wound around hillocks and between upthrust boulders, even the trees they passed were mightier of girth.’
    • ‘She is broken into four separate images, each of which shows a portion of her body - first her head reclining on upthrust arms, then her torso, thighs and feet.’
    • ‘He swore and kicked at the trunk as it caught on an upthrust root, then swore again as it jerked free and slammed into his shin.’