Meaning of uptick in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌptɪk/


North American
  • A small increase or slight upward trend.

    ‘an uptick in foreign tourism’
    • ‘the economy has shown a few upticks’
    • ‘The company's prosperity isn't coming from an uptick in demand for information technology.’
    • ‘Although the uptick in direct navigation shows that users increasingly know where they want to go, that does not mean that search engine use is down, however.’
    • ‘Ober also likes the prospects for coal companies, which are enjoying an uptick in commodity prices due to the increased demand for electricity.’
    • ‘In fact, they turned out to be even more right than they suspected; they were predicting upticks in illegitimacy that were much more modest than what actually occurred - they expected marriage rates to suffer, not collapse.’
    • ‘As cash wage growth falls close to zero, even minor upticks in inflation (like the one we've seen over the past year) translate into painful, and highly visible, pay cuts.’
    • ‘We are seeing some upticks in consumer confidence across a series of measures.’
    • ‘There won't even be a noticeable uptick in the price.’
    • ‘They say that there is an uptick in the threat level.’
    • ‘He checks in with a piece about the productive uses of political rage, proclaiming the news that liberal rage is on the uptick.’
    • ‘Psychologists expected to see a huge uptick in rates of post-traumatic stress disorder among average New Yorkers.’
    • ‘That's why there has been an uptick, albeit small, in the number of these children living with their married parents.’
    • ‘In fact, that may be the greatest factor in explaining the uptick.’
    • ‘The district's finances have been helped by an uptick in enrollment.’
    • ‘So we're not seeing an immediate uptick in support for the idea war.’
    • ‘The program's ratings collapsed and except for a brief uptick in 1996 have tumbled ever since.’
    • ‘Abroad, this astounding run of success has generated a discernible uptick in expressions of envy.’
    • ‘Instead of a loss of minimum wage jobs, there has actually been an uptick in the number of such positions.’
    • ‘The uptick of interest that we're seeing is not enough to bring us back to last year's sales level.’
    • ‘Compared with the survey we published three months ago, this one shows upticks of optimism in nearly every category.’
    • ‘The signs of an uptick are tentative but promising.’