Meaning of upwardly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌpwədli/


  • In an upward direction.

    ‘upwardly curving tusks’
    • ‘For best results, brush strokes should be in an upwardly direction.’
    • ‘The American Avocet is a large shorebird with a bold black and white pattern on its back, long bluish legs, and a long, thin, upwardly curved bill.’
    • ‘The belt support has a generally flat center section with outer sections that curve or angle upwardly.’
    • ‘The positive, fresh, upwardly thrusting white arrow isn't going very far, having been headed off fairly abruptly by the downturn of the larger, brown, depressive element.’
    • ‘He also failed to mention any increase in stamp duty land tax, even though this is likely - and is bound to upwardly affect the cost of commercial property transactions throughout our region.’
    • ‘Under the plan, which is still being constructed, the government would share the cost on an upwardly rising scale depending on the size of the claims.’
    • ‘The active principle of alcohol is a counter-force to the upwardly striving nature of the human spirit, temporarily stunting it.’
    • ‘The temptation is to think that we are progressing forward in some sort of upwardly evolving movement toward perfection - the sort of naturalist philosophy which Teilhard de Chardin promoted.’
    • ‘At first glance, the 5.2-metre work rises high above you, solid and upwardly spiralling.’
    • ‘UK scientists are upwardly revising their estimates of the number of people likely to die from new variant CJD (vCJD, also known as ‘mad cow disease’).’
    • ‘The bureau reported that jobless claims increased by 18,000, to 408,000 for the week ending April 21 from an upwardly revised 390,000 claims reported one week earlier.’
    • ‘In a comment published on May 10, he pointed to a ‘perfect storm’ on the horizon threatening upwardly revised global growth expectations.’
    • ‘This amount may however be upwardly adjusted closer to the time of auction, a representative of the bank's attorneys said yesterday.’
    • ‘Alternatively, Jian comes from a hard-working and upwardly motivated city family who are concerned with providing Jian and his sister with a good education.’
    • ‘The scales also have a type of mirror underneath them to upwardly reflect all the fluorescent light that gets emitted down towards it.’
    • ‘Mr. Jagodich has progressed upwardly through the ranks at CIBC despite some lateral moves and travel requirements.’
    • ‘It means a setback in the movement to upwardly harmonize regulations.’
    • ‘Waiting in the wings was the elocutionist - soon to be taken up by those who sought to be upwardly socially mobile.’
    • ‘Much higher values (of the order of 10%) are obtained from the revised order method, but these are likely to be even more upwardly biased.’
    • ‘Two of the dilemmas the benefits committee faced, he said, are upwardly spiraling costs nationally for health care and prescriptions and, in Iowa, little competition due to a limited number of health insurance providers.’