Meaning of uranography in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjʊərəˈnɒɡrəfi/


mass noun archaic
  • The branch of astronomy concerned with describing and mapping the stars.

    ‘Their works covered the range of cosmography, uranography, hydrography, chorogreaphy and topography.’
    • ‘The Romans derived a considerable portion of their star lore and uranography from the Greeks.’
    • ‘On further search this juxtaposition seems to be the result of the usual confusion between uranography and geography.’
    • ‘Use of the telescope and exercises in uranography are stressed.’
    • ‘Quantity considered in the movements of the celestial bodies is geometrical astronomy; from which arise cosmography or description of the universe, which is divided into uranography or description of the heavens, hydrography or description of waters, and geography; whence also arise chronology and gnomonics, or the art of constructing sundials.’
    • ‘Courses of instruction listed in the 1846 Catalogue include: Spelling, grammar, arithmetic, geography, uranography, composition, botany, physiology, algebra, natural philosophy, metal and moral science, rhetoric, chemistry, geometry, criticism, history, logic, trigonometry, astronomy, mineralogy, Butler's analogy, and evidences of Christianity.’