Meaning of urban fantasy in English:

urban fantasy


mass noun
  • A type of fantasy fiction in which the narrative is set in a city.

    ‘I write urban fantasy’
    • ‘an urban fantasy with a strong heroine’
    • ‘We publish a lot of urban fantasy.’
    • ‘The book club focusses on romantic speculative fiction, usually urban fantasy or paranormal.’
    • ‘She is best known for her wildly popular urban fantasies like the Elemental Assassin series.’
    • ‘I'm a huge fan of the urban fantasy genre.’
    • ‘This derivative, over-stylised, noir-ish urban fantasy must be a candidate for most annoying British film of the year.’
    • ‘Her latest book is a standalone urban fantasy.’
    • ‘The novel is the first in a series that blends together Nordic Noir and urban fantasy.’
    • ‘It's a solid, well-written, remarkable book that stands up well to the passage of time, and is in many ways one of the foundations of urban fantasy as we know it today.’
    • ‘There's a reason urban fantasy adapts so well to TV.’
    • ‘Occult detectives with a problematic personal life had invaded subgenres ranging from urban fantasy to paranormal romance.’